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Boat Repairs & Maintenance

Our boats can be supported by a maintenance contract to ensure that they stay on the water.

All repairs and maintenance are done by highly skilled craftsmen and technicians. our team of engineers, carpenters, joiners, upholsterers, painters, cleaners, and repair specialists will provide you with a complete solution of the highest quality.

We repair and maintain fiberglass, steel and aluminium boats providing:

  • Welding and Structural repairs
  • Antifouling and hull cleaning
  • Painting
  • FRP Repairs
  • Engine repairs and oil changes
  • Upholstery cleaning and repair
  • Furniture and fittings repair
  • Decking repair and replacement
  • Stainless Steel, MS Steel and Aluminium Fabrication
  • Polishing & varnishing


Engineering Services,

Our team consists of highly skilled Marine, Electrical and Electronic Engineers providing:

  • Diagnostic services, testing, refrigeration, and air conditioning
  • Pumps, gear malfunctions and steering systems
  • Navigation systems