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Boat Rental & Leasing

We have lease and rental options to suit your nautical needs, which allows you to expand the fleet without incurring a high sunk cost.

Lease a vessel that is an extension of your resort to provide your guests with transfer and travel options that set and end their unforgettable tropical experience in luxurious comfort.

Our favourable lease agreements, finance arrangements and payment plans make getting a craft on the water plain sailing.

Types of Leases and Rental: 

Operating lease

With a comprehensive scheduled maintenance package and a guarantee of boat availability for at least 350 days per year. Includes:

  • Two weeks of the year are set aside for essential maintenance and servicing to guarantee continuous smooth running. (A suitable substitute boat will be provided in the event that repairs or maintenance take longer than two weeks, to keep the resort operating seamlessly).
  • Every three months, an Eagle Marine engineer will inspect the boat. Fuel filters will be provided in advance so changes can occur based on the schedule of the engineer.
  • Lessee is required to fill out and submit a basic daily checklist to maintain the boat in optimum condition
  • Other features:
  • Customization: Allowed
  • Crew: No
  • Insurance: Yes
  • Boat registration, Licenses, Safety certificate, annual fee: by Eagle Marine


Monthly Rentals

Choose from a selection of our own Eagle Marine boats, as well as a fleet of imported boats ranging from Princess luxury yachts to Fairline speed crafts to rent on a monthly basis.


Cargo Transport

Our landing craft has a deck area of 120 square metres giving ample space to transport a wide variety of cargo. From the movement of large goods, equipment, vehicles, construction materials or other large commodities, the landing craft provides a stable and economical solution for all your cargo transportation challenges.

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 30.5M
  • Breadth: 7.8M
  • Depth :1.9m
  • Loaded draft: 1.2M
  • Crew: up to eight